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List Child Nodes in Collection products View


My problem is, I'm trying to list child nodes in a hierarchical Taxonomy menu structure, specific using the default Vocabulary "Product category" and the default View "Collection products" which works fine for a single level Taxonomy structure. But I'm wanting to have a parent page i.e. "Bedroom", which lists all child nodes from the Sub-menus "Beds" and "Lamps".

I'm tearing my hear out trying to solve this, I understand a Contextual Filter like "Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)" has the potential to make this work, though this option isn't available under the "Collections products" view.

It seems their is a few others that are having similar problems to this:
and maybe http://www.drupalcommerce.org/questions/7287/product-catalog-vs-hierarch...

Any thoughts appreciated

Asked by: stu
on March 13, 2013

2 Answers

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if your products are in only one sub-category, the grouping of products by subcategory will work too.
But in my case a tile could be for the floor and for the wall...

Answer by: heyyo
Posted: Mar 13, 2013


"heyyo" I changed to a view following what your post suggests, which now works with the hierarchical Taxonomy Structure displaying child nodes under the parent. But it sounds like I have encountered the same issue as you, as my products will potentially be assigned to multiple Sub-Categories. To confirm the issue here's my explanation.

I have a Category hierarchy like so:

Parent Category 1
-Child Category 1
--Product 1
--Product 2
-Child Category 2
--Product 1
--Product 3
Parent Category 2

Product 1 is located in 2 different Sub-Categories. The problem occurs when you visit "Child Category 2" and Click on "Product 1" and find you actually get directed to the first Child Category the product sits under "Child Category 1 - Product 1" this displays in both the URL and the Breadcrumb. Although not a major issue it could be quite confusing to potential Customers. I think the way logically to fix this issue would be to generate multiple URLs for nodes that are assigned to multiple categories. i.e. child-category1/product1,child-category2/product1. Then generate the Breadcrumb from the URL. Though I'm unsure if it possible to generate multiple Paths automatically?

Any Thoughts

- stu on March 14, 2013