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How to Import from CSV several products referenced to one display-node?

Hi, I have a problem of importing several products referenced to one display node from csv.
I have a Csv file where one line is one product. There is a column with product-display NID, this products referenced to.
Accordingly, if several products are referenced to a same display - they have the same NID in this column.

If I use "feeds product-import", I can't find appropriate field - something like "reference to the display-node".
If I use "feeds product-display-import" - It works!, but it links only one product to one display.

How can I import a lot of products referenced to one node-display?
Does anyone have any experience with this?


Asked by: maximowich
on March 9, 2013

1 Answer

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1. Use "feeds product-import" to import all product variations first
2. Then use "feeds product-display-import".
- Source, Target, Target Config
- SKU, GUID, Used as unique
- SKU, Product variations: SKU (You may try to use "|" to seperate those "Product variations")

Answer by: ng.ahchi
Posted: Mar 9, 2013


Thank you for your reply!
But Unfortunately this solution does not suit me. My catalog consists of nearly 3000 display-nodes and 10000 products, which should be associated with them.

And my CSV file looks like this:

"002";"50ml";"30";"335";"Hugo Boss Woman"
"003";"100ml";"60";"335";"Hugo Boss Woman"
"004";"100ml tester";"55";"335";"Hugo Boss Woman"
"005";"30ml";"20";"335";"Hugo Boss Woman"

If I'm gonna create new csv - by creating new field 'product_variations' and fill them manually by combinig product SKUs there. It will take to much time and can bring many mistakes.

So I still need help. I Hope you will be able to help me with that.
I'm sure there should be fullautomati—Ā solution for my problem.

- maximowich on March 12, 2013

Did you find any solution? I'm in a similair situation and couldn't find a solution.

- b0bby on March 24, 2014