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How to install Commerce Kickstart?

Sorry for this, but new to Drupal and I am lost in Commerce install procedures.
I read everything, but still something is missing.

I am on Windows XP.

I want to install Kickstart locally but it seems not to be a full stack.
It could be with or without Acquia desktop or other.

I catched that there is not only the folder with Drupal core, but also a stack somewhere else in the system (with a mySQL database)

Also: "New Site or Existing? This is a distribution and will not work with existing sites. A lot of the new modules developed can be installed separately (inline entity form, for example), but you will break your site if you try to install this distribution on your current site"

So, Let's say I use DAMP,
So, I suppose just installing a stack installs a database somewhere that is not in the installation folder. Do I need to delete something before installing Kickstart?

Asked by: EMHmark7
on March 7, 2013

2 Answers

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Answer by: realskorpion
Posted: Mar 7, 2013


Thanks for reply,

But I already read these doc before posting.
But I felt like lost in spagetti.

Especially:"So, Let's say I use DAMP,
So, I suppose just installing a stack installs a database somewhere that is not in the installation folder. Do I need to delete something (THERE OR) elsewhere before installing Kickstart?"

Kickstart seems a distribution that do not self inslall, and doc talks about deleting files.

- EMHmark7 on March 7, 2013
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I'm not sure if I'm following exactly what your trying to accomplish, but for a new local CK install (with Acquia Dev Desktop), you just need to:

  1. Download and extract Commerce Kickstart (CK includes Drupal core, btw)
  2. Install and launch Acquia Dev Desktop
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Go to the Sites pane
  5. Click Import
  6. Site Path: Choose the folder where you extracted CK
  7. Database: Choose your database settings.
  8. Click Import. That will get the CK distro running on your local machine.
  9. You then just have to complete the CK installer in a browser.
Answer by: r
Posted: Mar 7, 2013


I am in the process of doing it. But it refuses because Domain for Server is localhost. It says it is a reserved domain.
I do not know if I my local install will work if I change this to another name. Any advice on this?

About you answer and other answers, The an how-to link page says: "Database? You will need an empty database for your new kickstart installation to use." Another says I will break an installation if I install CK.
So, do I need to delete something? Or keep something?
For me a distribution is something that includes the stack.
Anyway, if I start from the Acquia desktop,

- EMHmark7 on March 7, 2013

Now I accepted to set domain server to localhost2.
I catch that localhost is used by Microsoft IIS because previously I installed Mirosoft Installer, as said in a page for manually installing a stack. But I did not install anything with it.

Now, I need to type localhost2:8082 and I get the Kickstart page.
If I type localhost:8082 (so, not just localhost) I get the Acquia Demo site.

In AcquiDev Settings, I see the CK site path being where I said was the unpacked stuff.
So I suppose it is the "active" place now.

For the Acquia_drupal site, I cannot double click or see info. I imagine it is in the original place.

So, I my inderstanding is that it set up a completely separate second site.

Is it a problem if it is not included in the same codebase, or it it the normal way to get a multi site install that does not share codebase?


- EMHmark7 on March 8, 2013