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How do I show different default product variations in my catalog?


I have a product display includes many variation such as color and size. For this display it only display one item(color) at the front page. When the user click in to this item(display), then the user can choose different colors.

Is it possible to display all the different colors in the front, then when user click into any of these colors(product), he then can still see many variations in color,size? In this, user see many products instead of just one.

I tried to create different product display using different first color, but the system won't let me use the SKU repeatedly.

Anyone know how to do it? thanks very much!

Asked by: harpsichord
on March 4, 2013

3 Answers

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I would create a new content type called "Featured Products" and add two fields:

1) A product reference field that has a limit of one product

2) A node reference field that has a limit of one node

Use the product reference to reference the specific color and size of that you want to feature. Use the node reference to point to the "Product Display" that you want to link to. In your view, I'd create a list of "featured products" that has a relationship to the referenced product and a relationship to the referenced product display. You can create a link to the product using the the "link" field in views with the relationship of your "product display."

The only "troublesome" part of this recipe is that your link will still bring in the default variation, not the one that is featured. To get around it, you might want to use this sandbox module:


It handles "deep linking" into product displays.

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Mar 4, 2013
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Thanks very much for your reply Josh.

Maybe I did not explain the situation clearly. I would like the product still display in the correct catalog. For example:
In the commerce kick start with demo installation:
If you click " To wear",
You will see the "Tshirt" Catalog at the bottom with 6 different types of Tshirts.
For Tshirt " "The guy" Short Sleeve Tee", it shows the blue one, and shows three color options. Only when you click this Tshirt and get into the full page you can then select the color and can see the different color Tshirt.

I'd like the exactly same effect, but have the "green" and the "purple" tshirt also displayed the same way as the "blue" one with color options even with the same name.

What I did so far:

1. I created a content type:" Featured Products" and added two field:
field_productrer, Product reference, Select list
field_noderef, Entity Reference,(I guess it is node?), Select list

2. I added a product using the featured products type.
Selected a certain "product variation", and selected a certain "product display"

Results. I can only see this product in the all products( when I clicked into the all products menu) . I don't get the color options and when I click into the full page, it still only show the only one product (no options of selecting color or size).

Did I do something wrong? I can not find the "link" field mentioned by you:

"You can create a link to the product using the the "link" field in views with the relationship of your "product display."""

Finally, I feel this is not the right way to do this, am I wrong?
Thanks very much.

Answer by: harpsichord
Posted: Mar 5, 2013
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Struggling with this also.....have you found a solution that you want to share?

Answer by: Khumbu
Posted: Oct 11, 2013