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Multiple prices remove VAT calculation?

I'm trying to build a site with 2 different prices per user role. So i've added a new price field to the product and added a different price.

The normal price field is for normal customers and i've entered the price with include tax in this price enabled.

The second price field is for a company and those prices are with sales tax, so i've entered the price for companies there without including any tax in the price.

With a pricing rule i check if the user has the company role and set the unit price to the amount that was entered in the second price field. For the taxes to be calculated correctly i changed the weight of that rule so it happens before total taxes are calculated.

Also i've added a condition for the sales tax. It should only be added when the user role is a company. For the vat i've also added a condition to only calculate it when the user role is not a company.

Now when i test:
I have 1 product.
Normal price 100 euro include tax in this price: Dutch VAT 21%.
Company price 50 euro

When i login as a normal customer i see at checkout:
product price: € 100

Subtotal € 82,64
Dutch VAT 21% € 17,36
Order total € 100,00

So far so good all is working as should.

Now when i do the same with a user with user role company i get the following:
Product price: € 50

Subtotal € 32,64 (WRONG should be € 50)
Dutch Sales TAX 21% € 10,50 (CORRECT)
Dutch VAT 21% € 17,36 (SHOULD NOT BE THERE)
Order total € 60,50 (CORRECT)

The problem is that the VAT from the normal price is added to this price. This should not happen. How can i remove this VAT calculation without having to remove the "include tax in this price" for the normal price?

Asked by: eldoradofm
on March 1, 2013

1 Answer

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I had similar problems but with VAT exclusive prices. You can fix this by changing the weight of your pricing rules so that the VAT calculation is executed *after* the rules that change your product price for a reseller.
=> /admin/commerce/config/product-pricing in the settings of a rule.

Answer by: stroobl
Posted: Oct 13, 2013