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Different SKU for same book title, renting/selling it & tracking the availability.


I don't know this is the right place to ask it. I have to build a inventry for a library system. Where I will have different copies of same title, so I want to keep unique identifier for each copy and keep that as SKU for the item. I will have some other atributes too.

My all book will be listed even if no item of a title is in inventory, user can add it in his/her wishlist(my account) section. But when he try requesting the bundle( 2 items one time), only available title will be shown to him from the wish list.

At admin side I want the request to be listed and for each title available SKUs in select list. I will select one SKU & close the request & it will make that SKU unavailable from the inventry to be requested next time till I update this to be available.

You may think that why I am thinking to make this with Drupal commerce. Then the thing is, I have selling option too for the same products. That means a book can be bought or rented.

Any body can suggest me anything regarding this...like how it can be done with drupal commerce? Whether it can be done or not by available modules? If I get to code...how much things I am already having in this contributed module for this kind of system..

I am newbie to Drupal commerce so I am not able to figure it out..

This is the URL for the same question at DRUPAL.ORG - https://drupal.org/node/1930012


Asked by: RajeevK
on February 28, 2013

1 Answer

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I think you'll need an hybrid approach.

These links will help you with the library management:

And drupal commerce will help you with the books sale.

I hope this help you as a starting point


Answer by: realskorpion
Posted: Mar 1, 2013


At first - Thanks for your reply.

I didn't know about these module & I have started reading about them. But still I am worried about the approach as a book will have a page & I want "Add to Cart" or "Rent This Book" on the same page...so what I will display, a commerce product or the other content which I will keep as item of the library(this what I have understood till now) & if I do display one, how I will overlap the option of another functionality...is the question.

Though this is going to be interesting for me as I am in the planning period because it is going to last long & I am hoping to be part of the module which I use in enhancing if necessary, supporting for all those time.


- RajeevK on March 1, 2013