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adding fields from content in the cart view

I have some fields on content node (not on product variation)
like images, brand, and others that i want to show up in cart/order views
on edit view in advance>relationship, you can add product refference and that enables the option to add fields from product variations, but i cant find a way to add fields that are on the content node

Asked by: CosticaPuntaru
on February 27, 2013

1 Answer

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So I understood, you put a relation from line item to the product reference?
If yes, that's the right way.

If the content node you ment, is the product view node, you just need to add a second relation between referenced product and the product view node and you will see the fields.

hope that was helpful.

greetz, Marc :)

Answer by: dasmoermel
Posted: Mar 8, 2013