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How to disable a lot of products from Drupal Commerce?

I need to disable group of products using commerce module. I don't do it one by one.

I edit views that shows a list of products. I used a views created from commerce module.
I add a field to views that show status of product.
Then I add a field VBO using Views Bulk Operators and I create a component (from rules) to do some action to products selected from views by VBO.
I used two different types of VBO field of views, first time:
* (Product) Bulk operations: Commerce Product (Commerce Product)
And later I used another type of filed with the same result:
* Bulk operations: Content (Content)
I understand that when I use VBO I pass to component a commerce product at first time, and a node with field referenced to product at second time.
Finally, when I create component, I have to use a parameter "Any entity" for the component because if I choose a parameter "Commerce Product" then I can not select how bulk operations settings my component created in views.
I expect that you understand my english.

In component, I create a condition "Entity is of type" and I choose Commerce Product (or Node) depends of field of VBO.

Then when I execute VBO, selecting some product and VBO, drupal crashes and I view a blank page or a message error depends of navitagor that I use.

I repeat process using Commerce Kickstart (Commerce Backoffice:Products) with the same result.

I suppose that I amb loosing some details, but I used a lot of time to result this, I searched for forums, and I can not find some solutions.

Any help is welcome.



Asked by: sopadepedres
on February 21, 2013

1 Answer

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f you add a Views Bulk Operations: Commerce Product and then you choose Modify Entity Values --> Status you can dot it.

Answer by: sopadepedres
Posted: Mar 9, 2013