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How to ignore case sensitivities of address field for shipping while comparing under Rules?

I'm using Flat rate shipping to create condition to compare the City of my country to get the rate to different city. But when comparing the field, Rules compare it with case sensitive. So, "Kuala Lumpur" will work, but "KUALA LUMPUR" won't work..

How can we set Rules to ignore the case sensitivities?

Thanks & regards,

Asked by: maxchock
on February 19, 2013

2 Answers

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Thanks for @realskorpion for this suggestion. I have go thru the Rules Data Transforms and successfully solve my problem with different approach.

What I did is
When event "Collecting shipping rates for an order"
fire my own rules "convert address to upper case"
which it will Action "Make uppercase"
then I fire action ""Set a data value" shipping-address->City = $uppercase_text

So, instead set it to case insensitive, I change the City to uppercase and then compare to my shipping rate rules.

Thanks & regards,

Answer by: maxchock
Posted: Feb 21, 2013