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How to allow costumers to purchase if stock is zero?

Hi everybody,

I have started to use commerce kickstart and I need a hint.
I have to sign on product display that if a product is available or not, besides this I have to let users purchase in both of the events (out of stock / in stock).

I have installed the commerce stock module which is do stockpiling but disable add to cart those products that have stock zero.

I need something that does stockpiling and only sign if the product is IN STOCK or OUT OF STOCK, but always let add to cart the product.

Hope you can help!


Asked by: gulyasmarci
on February 6, 2013

1 Answer

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I don't remember in detail, but i think I used "display message only" and used an offset in the action off the rule.

Not sure if this is the proper way but it is working for me.

Answer by: Jörg
Posted: Feb 7, 2013


Hello Jörg,

Can You please be a little bit more specific? I'm kind of newb for drupal.
I would be greatful if you could explain it more detailed.


- gulyasmarci on February 7, 2013