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How do I create a discount manually for a specific order?

Hi there,

I´ve read about how to apply discounts or taxes to specific products, or under specific circumstances using rules.
But how a case where you just have to mannually apply a discout to a specific user in a specific order?

In example:
A user completes an order of $100.
The order involves a shipped item
The shipped item arrives a little later than expected.
The user calls to complain.
We offer him a discount of $5.
We access the order and apply to it the $5 discount, manually.

Is there a way to do that?


Asked by: Rosamunda
on February 5, 2013

2 Answers

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you can't create a disount for an item already sold. you can credit account.

Answer by: drupalability
Posted: Feb 5, 2013


Thanks for your reply. How do I "credit account"? Thanks again :)

- Rosamunda on February 5, 2013
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I am creating an order for a customer and now the order status is Checkout Review.
How can I apply a discount while creating an order?

Answer by: garyg
Posted: Jul 16, 2013