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Simplest Setup for Multi Country Store?

Hi everyone,

I need to sell in various EU countries. I need to set prices in each country, in the local currency (not automatically via currency conversion). I *may* sell slightly different products also. Each "store" will be translated into the local language.

My thought is that I need several shops on one site. Is that right? Or can I do it with vocabularies/terms? What modules/setup do I need to be looking at to get this done?

Just looking for a pointer in the right direction, thanks!

Asked by: Nick W
on February 2, 2013


You could do it all on one site with the multilingual module. Then uses rule to adjust the pricing.

Or set up multi-sites running from one core.

- freefuelforever on October 8, 2013

2 Answers

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That's exactly what I have just started working on. Did you resolve the issues above or not?

If so, is the store live so I can visit it?

Answer by: haga389
Posted: Aug 25, 2013