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Cannot manage products in the demo store

i've downloaded and installed Kickstart2 with the demo store data. The front page shows bags and t-shirts but when I go to the backend and click on the Products link (to Manage Products) there is a message that no products have been created yet. I'm trying to follow through with the getting started video and this is kind of stopping me at the start.

It's Kickstart 7.x.2.2 btw. and I've tried reinstalling it but to no effect.

Asked by: jalal
on February 2, 2013


Hi Jalal. You and I are at similar stages... What happens if you create a new product? Does it show up in Manage Products? Also, have you tried clearing the Caches?

- AlanQ on February 4, 2013

1 Answer

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I am not sure Kickstart is the right solution for everybody. However, at the very least all functionality should exist to enter a new product. It sounds to me like you simply are not oriented with the back office system and can not find what you entered. Where exactly did you look for the new product? Did you check the products in your inventory? First, make sure the product exists and then let's worry about the product display

Answer by: drupalability
Posted: Feb 5, 2013