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How to remove Title and Price from Grid Layout

I'm using Grid Layout, Commerce Quickstart Omega theme, on my product display page.

I just want it to show the images for the products, not the text associated, like the item name / description

How would this be accompished?

Asked by: olyphant
on January 30, 2013


To further clarify, this is on the page that displays all products. In the views section I set it to "Grid" but now the titles are huge and I actually just want to get rid of them entirely.

What i've tried so far is hiding them in global.css (no matter how many times i upload the file through php, and clear every cache, even when i directly access the file, it doesn't even show the class i added in)

i've tried creating a new view but no combination of selectors didn't include them

any help would be hugely appreciated

- olyphant on January 30, 2013

ummm... why can't you just remove the title field from the view itself????

- drupalability on February 1, 2013

1 Answer

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The product display page uses a view mode to display the product informations.

If you want to hide some fields, you simply need to edit the Full Content view mode and hide the fields you don't want to display.

Go to : Site Settings > Structure > Content Types > Manage Display (of your content type) > Full content

For the Tops content type for example: admin/structure/types/manage/tops/display/full

Hope that helps !

Augustin Delaporte
Posted: Apr 22, 2013