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How do I display my Add to cart button?

Hello i need help after i change default theme and creat new theme use theme tools in commerce kickstart my add to cart button is show but i click its not working please would anyone help me how to solve this problem
this is my demo site you can check it


Thanks advance

Asked by: Alif
on January 22, 2013


Just look at the source with an HTML debugger (Firebug or similar): there's a div (the "login to comment") OVER the button and the quantity field.

- Giovanni Perdicaro on January 23, 2013

2 Answers

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that part i mean button and the quantity field is not showing in debugger :(

Dear sir

I am using omega theme for my commerce kickstart 2.1 but when i create new sub-theme my add to cart button is not working this is fast time i fact this kind of problem please let me help when you have time ho can i solve this problem ? my site link here
also enter quantity is not working

without Omega other theme is working but i want to use omega theme

Thanks advance Help
waitting for your reply

help me please find out this problem :(

Answer by: Alif
Posted: Jan 23, 2013
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Giovanni answered your question didn't he? The "Enter quantity" and "Add to cart" button don't work because there's a div sitting directly on top of those buttons that stops them being clicked. I've got the same problem and I'm looking for workarounds for this bug.
A quick and dirty solution is to add this to the css somewhere (not sure what css file):
.content .node-product-display .container-24.grid-24{
Not sure what effect that will have across the rest of the site, or on different devices and browsers, but it fixes the problem.

Answer by: darri
Posted: Feb 5, 2013