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Custom add to cart form with two product displays


I've done a lot of research but I don't find a good solution for my problem.

I'm building an event registration site. For a good user experience we want to combine all products for one participant in one form.

Product type: ticket (created) with custom line item type:
The line item has Full name, country, company (details of the ticket owner)

Fields attached to product line item types can be included in the Add to Cart form to collect additional information from customers in conjunction with their purchase of particular products.
Include this field on Add to Cart forms for line items of this type."

Their are two ticket types: event entrance, workshop,

I've created products for the tickets (3) and for the workshop (2) (type ticket)

Further I have created a new content type: Congress ticket, with a Product reference field.

Created two new product displays for the content type
- Congress ticket (linked the 3 products for ticket)
- Workshop (linked the 2 products for the workshop).

When I go to the view of the node, the form works well.

Here is the problem; I can't find a way to combine the two created nodes in one form with a single add to cart button. I want to select form the list; ticket and a workshop and fill out the participant details only once and add them to the cart.

I've looked at solutions: add_to_cart_extras, product_bundle, but I can't find a way to build this.

Is their someone who can help me out with the above?

Thank you,

Asked by: fossie
on January 18, 2013

2 Answers

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You can just create 2 products in the commerce section, and then add them both to one product display.

This will allow the 2 different products in a dropdown on the same add to cart form.

Then, add the product option module to collect extra data from your customer.

You could also investigate the commerce webform module if you need to collect more data.


Answer by: joecanti
Posted: Jan 18, 2013


Thank you, but I know how to create a product display with dropdown for a few products. I create two product displays, one for ticket and one for the workshop.

I actually need to combine TWO product displays with each a drop down in one add to cart form and can't find a way to do it. Any idea for that?

I'll sure take a look at commerce webforms, thank you for the tip.


- fossie on January 19, 2013
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Nobody any idea?


Answer by: fossie
Posted: Feb 25, 2013