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Sort by Price button doesn't work

Hi , i am using Drupal Commerce Kickstart 2.0 and when clicking on the sort by 'price' button on the 'all products' page i get the following error:

Trying to sort on field field_product:commerce_price:amount_decimal of illegal type list.

When i googled the error, i found some other websites with the same error, for example:


I think the problem is that by clicking on sort by price you get


i found out that you can change the sorts at admin/config/search/search_api/index/product_display/sorts ,
but i can't remove 'Price' (and the Price button in my search block) because it's not on that list.

The fields 'Date created' ('Latest') and 'Title' ('Title') are available and enabled by default so i can see those Buttons in my search block but how come there is a Price button in my search block although there is no price field enabled in the sorts list?

I can enable another Price field (Product » Price » Amount (decimal) (Max)) and name it Price so it creates a button in my search block which does exactly what the default Price button failed to do, but i dont know how to get rid of the other not working price button which was there from the beginnig.

Asked by: cn313
on December 27, 2012

1 Answer