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"Catalogue" of registered professionals


I want to add a list of registered professionals (which will be maintained by an administrator) which contains such useful information as:
Name, Company, Contact Details, web site
Preferred Locations and other locations where they will work
Special Interest
Perhaps a photo, and a brief description.

Is Durpal Commerce the best way to do this, or is there a better way? Also, can Drupal Commerce restrict some (or all) products so only registered members can access? I'm sorry to ask without digging into the product myself in depth, hope you don't mind helping


Asked by: hminney
on December 20, 2012

1 Answer

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Unless you're selling products, you may want to look into Drupal by itself.

But yeah, you could do it with Drupal Commerce - I just don't know why.

What you're asking for is simple enough in any Drupal installation; simply modify the user profiles or create a custom content type, depending on what sort of access you want.

Answer by: knowprose
Posted: Dec 20, 2012