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can I used commerce kickstart for production


I saw somewhere (forget now) a statement that kickstart shouldn't be used for production.

That is just what I have set out to do. I am using 7.x-2.0-rc4 as a starting point for a customer's site.
I remove modules that I discover I really don't need as I go.
But I like the examples right in front me as I develop.

Is this a bad idea? Will I be painting myself into a corner doing this ?

UPDATE 23 Dec 2012:

I guess it was this comment about not using the demo store for new sites that seeded doubt about kickstart as a whole for prod. Because I installed the demo store and gradually removed things I did not want etc.

On http://drupal.org/project/commerce_kickstart:

"Please note that the "demo store" has been built to demonstrate the capabilities of Kickstart and shouldn't be used when starting new sites."


Asked by: dinofile
on December 13, 2012

1 Answer

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Kickstart has been production ready since RC1. Have fun!

Bojan Zivanovic
Answer by: Bojan Zivanovic
Posted: Dec 21, 2012