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confused with kickstart

Kickstart has tons of enhancements and features, and it seams to modify normal behaviour.

I installed the stock module. When I do this with standard commerce, I receive the ability to activate stock controll at the level of the content_type.

With kickstart, I am missing this option, and I'm not able to receive a field to controll stock.

If there would be something like a cookbook for the kickstart modules, this would be very helpful.
Especialy because some of the features might not be needed or even not wanted, and the whole system is extremely slow, even though I gave it 256MB of RAM/Process and it is more or less running alone an a dedicated server.

Asked by: ronald
on December 4, 2012


OK - got it solved.
I reran the update procedure.

- ronald on December 4, 2012

1 Answer

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For me stock control is working.

I get the "Enable stock management override for these product types"-possibility in Stock Management.

I also get the "Disable stock for this product"-checkbox in "Variation types"

Answer by: Jörg
Posted: Dec 4, 2012