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How do I create a Video Learning Site with ecommerce?

I am a non-programmer, a newbie teacher, and my goal is to create a COMMUNITY-DRIVEN EDUCATIONAL SITE where teachers of various subjects can UPLOAD VIDEOS in to various video GALLERIES based on subject categories. The idea is to allow visitors of the site to study and learn various subjects for free -- math, science, foreign language, etc.

Concurrently, I would like to give those teachers the opportunity to SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS (Lesson Plans, Software, PDF files, etc.) on the site, and at the same time have a SPLIT PAYMENT arrangement where I (Admin) would be able to sell their products on line and allow the Teacher / Community Member to keep, for example, 80% of the product cost, and I (Admin), keep 20%.

Here are my questions relative to this endeavor:

1) What Drupal 7 Theme or Template compatible with DrupalCommerce could best accommodate video galleries?
2) Can DrupalCommerce manage a Split-Payment system?
3) What module would be best allowing users to create a Community, and their own member profiles?
4) Is there already some easy-to-use Drupal Distribution that could integrate with DrupalCommerce for this purpose?

Since I am on a very low budget, what would be the cheapest and easiest way to approach this, especially for a non-programmer? Any feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Michael DeGuzman
Special Education Teacher K-12 (New Graduate)
Tel. 310-408-0885
[email protected]

Asked by: michaeldg7
on November 28, 2012


If your offer is for free, why using a shop with all the payment and shipment stuff?

Just using drupal with some modules for slideshow or alike should do it.

If you later decide to offer paid services or products, you still can enhance it with commerce.

- ronald on November 30, 2012

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I do not think a split payment option is available. I even think that this feature is not possible with regards to the payment processor of your choosing.

What I would do is make the website with drupal/commerce and let the payment run through your account. You can then afterwards calculate your fee and send the appropriate money to the teachers.

This will make your site a lot easier and once it is successful you could always take it to the next step. Which is simpler by then since you will have the funds to finance it all.

Answer by: Sem
Posted: Dec 11, 2012