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Maybe I have overseen something

but I cannot find a documentation of the relations in kickstart.

Is ther something alike?

I'd need to know how things are wired together.

I found out, that product categories are used to generate the main menue (via taxonomy_menue).
I found the differerent content types, feeding different sections on the front page.

If there would be a documentation about these concepts, it would be much easyer to get a own shop running.

This way of trial an error leads to often to a one way into a blocked road.

Asked by: ronald
on November 24, 2012

1 Answer

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When you posted this, Kickstart 2 was still a dream. Now that we've released a stable version, there is a big need for updated documentation. We will be adding a "connections" doc soon.

Until then, we have the entity graphics for core available here:


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Mar 11, 2013