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Commerce kickstart 2 "All products" view shows nothing

I have installed Commerce kickstart 2 and have removed all the products.

Then I added products using this link "node/add/tops", and now the "All products" shows nothing (except the empty text) despite that the taxonomy term pages show products without any problems.

Any ideas how to fix that?!

Asked by: ruudi33
on November 14, 2012

2 Answers

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The Views all require a fresh Search API cache... It's possible you just need to clear your cache and force a search API re-index...

Go here and click "Reindex Content"


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Mar 6, 2013
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For the same subject, i'd like t o know if it's possible to take into account new created taxonomy terms for the "all products" facets? If yes, how?

I created a new vocabulary named "Sector" with (IT, Photos) as terms. Cannot get them indexed by the product_display index. However, it become possible the a new created index.

Any help would be nice.

Answer by: Abdou Ndiaye
Posted: Jun 11, 2014