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Typical problem with Commerce Kickstart

First of all I must say that I am impressed with Commerce Kickstart 7.14.

I have a curious problem at hand. I want to display products as such:

[ Product Image ]
[ Title ]

After this line, I want to add a custom form for customer to enter information. The below form will vary with each product type/variation. For instance:

[Field 1]
[Field 2]
[Field 3]
[Customer Address] -> from profile if logged in
[x] some check boxes
[x] radio buttons, etc
[Add to cart]

What will be the best approach to do it via Drupal Commerce kickstart?
Should I use kickstart distribution or manually use Drupal commerce and other contribs from scratch? As I noticed there are no options to add "New Product Types" in kickstart anymore.?

Please suggest.

Thanks a lot. :)

Asked by: ganesh
on November 11, 2012

2 Answers

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I found there's a module which I can use to resolve this issue.

After getting line items added, now my problem is to show them on Order page for User who submitted it and also on Order Management pages for backoffice.

So, if I have many (multi line ) text fields for custom line items, it becomes ugly to add them as columns in the table.
Instead I would like to add another section below "Commerce List Item" view to show all "Custom line item fields" for given Order.

Can you please tell how can I achieve this?

Answer by: ganesh
Posted: Nov 11, 2012
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Please share the solving path. I want to achive same thing in Commerce Kickstart 2.

Answer by: 0xhiryuu
Posted: Apr 6, 2013