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Partial calculated price.


I've a product type with 3 price fields:

1) base price (the default price field)
2) price for ROLE 1
3) price for ROLE 2

Then with rules I check for the user role and change the base price with the 2 or 3 if conditions are verified.
After this I apply the VAT tax.

Everything seems to work as expected, the price is calculated in the right manner.

Now I've a product list view, where I pull from the DB two prices the original price and the calculated price, this is for showing to ROLE 1 the original price and the price reserved to him.

BUT, the original price is without the VAT calculated, instead the calculated price si VAT inc.

Let's say then I've a product1 with these prices:

base price: 200€
Role 1 price: 180€
Role 2 price: 60€

I would like to see on the View this scenario:

200€ + vat
200€ -> transformed to 180€ + vat

Instead i see

200€ -> transformed to 180€ + vat

calculated =
180 + 21% = 217,8 €

The Role 1 see then a base price of 200 but "ONLY FOR YOU" an higher price..
is there a way to apply (on the view) only some rule pricing? or any other suggested solution to calculated the vat (and other promotions) but not the PRICE TRANSFORMATION rule?

Help :)

Asked by: reysharks
on October 29, 2012

1 Answer