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How to get Attributes to Work?

I keep reading and following the examples in the User Guide but cannot get even the basic attribute setup to work.

All my product is LH/RH, has colors, and sizes, each item has a unique SKU. I am working with the original Product type for now.

I clicked "Manage Fields" and added a field called "Color", with List (text) and set the Widget to Select list as per instructions.

In the Allowed values list I added Red and Pink which Drupal changed to Red|Red and Pink|Pink and saved the field.

I selected the Edit tab and checked Required field, left the default value at None, enabled the field to function as an attribute, made it a select list,

When I edit the Product page I can see the list for Color

Following instructions I created Content and attached the product to the product display, I unchecked Promoted to front page and left Published as selected. When I Preview I can see the Color which is fixed as Pink but cannot change the value to Red. When I go to home then look at the product the Color is visible as Pink and I can not change it.

How do I get the attribute to change? I do not see where I can assign a SKU for the color.

I have the following on a rented server
Drupal 7.15
Commerce Kickstart 7.x-1.8
MySQL 5.0.91
PHP 5.2.17
Apache 2


Asked by: cjcraven
on October 9, 2012

2 Answers

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Hey Craig,

Try this, in the store admin area create a new 'product' called Red Things and give it a sku and the red option in the select list, then create another 'product' called Pink Things and give it a sku and the pink option. If kickstart has a 'Product Display' content type (sorry I don't use kickstart) make a new product display node and call it Things. Otherwise make a new content type and call it 'Product Display' and add a product reference field and allow an unlimited number of references. Then create a new node of the type product display and call it things. Either way, in the node reference field of the node add form you can now add the Red Things product and the Pink Things product. When you view the node you have just created, with a bit of luck you will be able to see some radios for changing the selected product. At the very least you'll get a dropdown and won't be too far off.


Answer by: BernieCram
Posted: Oct 10, 2012
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I just figured this out when you wrote.

You need to have a "product" with unique SKU for each attribute and the attribute (red or pink) must be selected. A "product display" is built and each SKU is attached. This becomes the page customers see and can order from. Yeah it works!!! onward!


Answer by: cjcraven
Posted: Oct 10, 2012