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View Block of Order history(authenticated user)

I need a Block View or a Page View showing the Order History of currently Logged-in User.
I looked at the Administrators Order View, there are some stuff with Commerce-Line Items but I couldnt figure out how they made that

Any help would be appreciated

Asked by: wallace740
on October 8, 2012

1 Answer

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You could go here: /admin/structure/views/view/commerce_user_orders/edit and add a "block" and click save. This will give you a block that you can place anywhere on the site that will show the current user's order history. Note that this will only show the list of orders, not a list of ordered products. To do that, you would need a relationship set up in the view for each of the line items and then you would want to list all of the unique line items that appear on each order. Probably would want to aggregate group on the product purchased and maybe even given them a counter to let them how many of what product they have purchased.

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jan 9, 2013


@joshmiller Is it possible to list only those ordered product created by a certain user ?

- __saurav on April 11, 2013

The view that I recommend cloning filters the orders based on the logged in user. If you want a view that filters based on an arbitrary or a user-supplied user, I would click "expose this filter" checkbox to allow users to type in a different username. This might require a different filter based on username instead of "currently signed in user"

- Josh Miller on April 12, 2013