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Many product types

Can somebody give me any advise how to organize store with many product types?
For example we are selling laptops, mobile phones, headphones, auto parts etc.
Each of product type have their own characteristic to filter it.
Also products should be imported to store from CSV file (maybe from only 1 file).

I can't understand how better organize it, to make one product type with many displays, or many types with one display.
How to organize it to make comfortable categories and comfortable filters.


Asked by: thumper
on October 3, 2012

2 Answers

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I'm also in similar dilemma, but for your case, definitely is 1 display with either 1 product type with ALL attributes or many product type with their own attributes e.g laptop different type of processor and headphone doesn't have procesor. But I found out actually it can be use only 1 product type and include ALL the attributes, just I don't know how future proof it is.

Answer by: maxchock
Posted: Oct 17, 2012
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Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I forgot to check it in 2 weeks :)

We made 1 product display, where we added standard fields for products like Product Description, Video, Gallery, etc... And many product types with different fields...
So we had to made some custom modules for feeds.

Answer by: thumper
Posted: Feb 20, 2013