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What do you think of a "Commerce_additional_Checkouts" module?

Hi all!

We're thinking of creating a module that allows module developers to create multiple checkouts programmatically in the same way more then one order type can be created. Each new checkout would also be linked to a new order type through code. The actual new checkout would then be managed through the UI

This allows us to use Commerce's wonderful multi-step form wizard that is checkout to make other checkout processes on a website that also has a fairly standard shop. I know it is possible to do this by magic that uses one checkout and have it jump around but having multiple checkouts allows for a much cleaner UI that would make much more sense to people who don't understand this magic.

The use case we're dealing with is a booking system that also allows for partial payments. This will use another new module (commerce_booking maybe) that creates an order type called booking. Entities that are marked as "events" will have a "Book now" link that brings people into this checkout process. There are actually quite a lot of different configurations that people will need to manage this checkout and so having something that has all the goodness of commerce but seperate from the main site would be really helpful.

I'm feeling this module may also be useful for the commerce_donate module as that pane could be on its own checkout process and allow for donations to happen seperately to the rest of the shop.

What d'yall think?

Asked by: Yautja_Cetanu
on October 3, 2012

1 Answer

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Sounds like an interesting idea have you gone any further with it?

Answer by: jerryitt
Posted: Nov 29, 2012