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How to handle Partial Payments/Bookings?

I am working on a project where a customer need not pay the entire price upfront. She can book the product by paying x% of the price and pay the rest later. I have a booking amount price field that calculates this. I also added it to my cart and checkout view. However, if the customer books multiple products then these prices need to be multiplied with the quantity and added.

For example: Customer decides to book two units of product A and 3 units of product B, then the booking amount should also be multiplied by the quantity at least and then also added.

How can these calculations be done in the view?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by: dragoncoder
on September 21, 2012

1 Answer

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For the first par of you question, you payment gateway should have the method "Autorise Payment Only" this will capture the card details and store a reference token (no card details on you site). You can the use rules to capture all or part of the payment up to a total of the authorised amount.

So you may first have a rule that is when the order status is changed to completed capture 30% of the total and then using Rules Scheduler (included with rules) set another action to capture the rest fo the payment 6 months later.

I am not sure exactly what you are asking in your second question.

David Kitchen
Answer by: David Kitchen
Posted: Nov 13, 2012