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Few days earlier I posted this question, it's not re-posting. I came over the problem little bit but I'm not sure is that the way. (http://www.drupalcommerce.org/questions/4092/search-and-metadata) I have told in here there is a error coming. I changed the setting on admin/structure/features this is the first time I saw something like this. I click on recreate and changed the settings there, the download it. It gave me a module to the relevant feature then I replaced the module and after running cron error was disappeared and search works fine.

What's with the structure/features ?
Do I first need to change the settings there ?
After I change it do I need to replace the files i'm getting with original ?
And some of the taxonomy an't showing there and I cannot configure them in here (structure/features) ?
Is any one know a good guide for this ?

Also I should appreciate the works you guys did, it's so amazing.....! Greaaaaat ...!
I search all over the internet for searching methods including Apache solr technique.
But in kickstart it's all the requirement is there (search sever etc....)

Asked by: thilina570
on September 20, 2012

1 Answer

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Not sure I fully understand the question. Remember that Kickstart is still not a complete release, so there are holes. Particularly in product search :D

Recently, RC5 has been released. Perhaps try to redownload and attempt your search again, let's see if it's fixed on the most current version before we try to troubleshoot or enhance any more.

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Nov 16, 2012