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Problems with Kickstart 2 installation


I've done the kickstart 2 installation proccess in my local XAMMP server, and I had a couple of problems y detail below:

1. Fisrt of all, I had an error about surpassing max execution time on a script, so I went to XAMMP\php and edit the file php.ini an change the line:

max_execution_time= 30 by
max_execution_time= 120

and the I ran the install proccess again: http://localhost/basicos/install.php and the installation proccess continue where it stopped
(assuming that 'basicos' is my web page address)

2. At the end of the proccess, it launch the getting started screen, but I had the error:


So, I pick on "login", login with my admin user, and pick on 'Help', and then on the Tab 'Getting started', and everything goes well

Asked by: mam53
on September 13, 2012


Hello. I wanted to add to mam53's helpful comments as I hope that it will help other people who have similar installation problems (errors).

I am a complete newbie to Drupal / Drupal Commerce / Kickstart. I also have very limited experience with web developing and programming in general. I would like to develop an e-commerce business and after much reading, have decided that Drupal with Drupal Commerce looks like a good platform to build on.

I have started my project by trying to install Drupal Commerce on my PC which is a Windows 7 64-bit OS machine. I first installed Xampp (Apache Friends distribution) and this was simple and straight forward. I took on board the suggestions of setting up passwords for both the Xampp Controller and phpMyAdmin.

I downloaded the commerce_kickstart-7.x-2.0-rc2-core.tar.gz distribution from the KickStart project page (http://drupal.org/node/1821260) - this is Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce together with lots of other great set-up utility functions from Commerce Guys.

I extracted the .tar.gz file using 7-Zip (this is recommended as the Windows extractor utility may lead to a non-clean extraction). The reason for this comment is what happened afterwards and the errors I had in the installation process.

The installation of the Kickstart 2.0 distribution started fine. But in step 4 (Install Profile), I got an error message - An AJAX HTTP error occured. HTTP Result Code: 200 Debugging information follows. Path http://localhost/...... StatusText OK ResponseText: Fatal error. Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\..... on line 2139.

I found mam53's comments above helpful and followed his suggestion of reseting the maximum execution time to 120 in my php.ini file in my Xampp\php folder.

I then continued to install the Kickstart. Thought that everything was fine because the installation picked up from where it had been left and went through the next few steps. But I then encountered an error in Step 8 (Import Content) - Failure to sort migration list - most likely due to circular dependencies involving CommerceKickstatNodebags_cases, ....

I found a post on these forums that suggested the 2nd error was not an independent error and was something to do with the first error.

I think this is right and I may have not had this second problem if I had re-started my Apache Server and mySQL after I had changed the maximum execution time value in the php.ini file.

However, I decided to un-install everything and start again with the new value of max exec time. I also changed the max memory for running scripts to 256M. But, I couldn't find any posts that quickly told me how to uninstall the Kickstart environment that had already been installed. In the end, out of a gut feel, I just deleted the folder in which I had extracted the Kickstart distribution file (which I had renamed to my project name and was a sub-folder in the \Xampp\htdocs flder. I also deleted the database I had created in mySQL before I repeated the install steps.

And this sorted everything out for me and I have a clean install of Drupal 7 & Drupal Commerce with the KickStart store, profile, etc.

I also think that my first error happened because I was using my PC for other tasks while the installation was happening.

I hope this helps someone.

- Hopeful on November 6, 2012

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Sounds like this has an answer above...

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Nov 14, 2012