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Adding an update button pr. item in cart view?

Hi. I have the edit_quantity field added, and I can change the amount - but currently user has to scroll all the way down to press submit, to update cart.

I would like to add an "update" button - next to the quantity field - but I can't see any buttons for that (there's a delete button - but no update or submit button).

How would I go about doing that? I tried just adding a #submit button to the form, using views alter form (for commerce_cart_block_default) - but that just put the button at the bottom - and I need a button pr. item..

Asked by: klavs
on September 9, 2012

1 Answer

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Using this: http://oliverhuynh.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/custom-views-handler-drupal-... and views code from commerce_line_item "delete button" implementation I managed to implement my own update button in my own module (inserting it in the commerce_line_item table in views - since appearently I need to use an existing table).

Answer by: klavs
Posted: Sep 10, 2012