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How to configure Product so the Size determines the Price?

I'm new to Drupal commerce but not new to Drupal development, so I have a pretty good understanding as to how Drupal works. But for the life of me I cant figure how to configure my product type so the size dictates the price. I currently have a client that has multiple flavors of a product (Gourmet Popcorn). Much like pizza, you must determine the size you want which will decide how much to charge you.
In my case I have 5 sizes( Jr, Small, Med, Lg, Jumbo) 5 categories and each category has multiple flavors. Regardless, there are only 5 sizes. So....

1. Customer Chooses a flavor
2. Customer Chooses a Size bag or sport can.....
3. Based on selection, price is displayed.....

I've managed to create a "Size" line item, CCK field for "size", it displays on the product page under the price.
However, if a med bag cost 10.99 and a customer chooses Jumbo ..... they are charged 10.99 because this is the price that was displayed on the product page but it should be 17.99 because that's the size they chose .
Can someone please advise. What am I missing!


Asked by: Mikko
on August 29, 2012

1 Answer

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It doesn't sound like your product with the "Jumbo" size is given the right price. There should be a product for each available combination. A product with the med bag and price of 10.99, and a product with the large bag and price of 17.99. When these products are both added to one product display, the price should update when the size is adjusted.

Or, you might be thinking of this as 1 product, instead of 2 products (or many more depending on how many variations of flavor and size there are) and 1 product display.

You might checkout out the products pages of our documentation, and take a look at the product variations section of this page http://www.drupalcommerce.org/user-guide/products to at least make sure you're referencing the products properly in your node.

Answer by: Aaron Dudenhofer
Posted: Aug 29, 2012