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How to display in the line order a custom field previously put in a product ?


I got shamely sticked for some days with a 'little' problem. Any help or clue would have been simply marvelous!

What I'd like to do:

Display in line orders a custom field previously put in a product.

What I did:

In Product Type
1- I put a text field named 'nf1' in my Product type (base).
2- I made it accessible and displayed for my products (via manage fields/display).

In Products
3- The fied 'nf1' appeard and I fill it vith eg: 456
4- I save

In Structure » Types de contenu » Product display
5- I manage (add existing) field /display the field

In my Line items view
6- I add the nf1 field (this is the aim of al of this)

What I got:

In line items order
7- The label 'nf1' appeard :) but alway empty :(

The fact is I'm going a little bit creazy after all the tutos and combinaitions of tests I didn't discribed here.
Then, for short: HELP!


Asked by: clasie
on August 13, 2012

1 Answer

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...example of use: Find in the order stuffs like: dealer, article references, etc...


Answer by: clasie
Posted: Aug 13, 2012