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Rules: Field commerce-order:mail empty for Anonymous Users

I have a problem with the "Send an order notification e-mail" rule.
When I have logged the rule send a email to email admin-user, but when I am an anonymous user, the field commerce-order:mail is empty:
'to' => ''
I don't know the real problem, and I have done many test without solving the problem.

In /admin/commerce/customer-profiles/types/billing/fields I have many fields included field_email.
The rule "Create a new account to an anonymous order" create a correct new anonymous user in /admin/commerce/customer-profiles.
The field Email in this rule is commerce-order:mail (the field email is inserted correctly in a customer-profile).

Please help me!

Andrea Cumbo
Asked by: Andrea Cumbo
on June 11, 2015

1 Answer