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product display not showing some field data in table view

Please look at the bottom of this page (http://dev2.morsesteel.com/?q=node/13) under: products angle. The Description and Whse field data does not appear, it does on the next link (prod13): http://dev2.morsesteel.com/?q=node/17
I can also get the data to appear if I choose content or other settings in the Block view, but the Table choice in the view does not show all data and this layout otherwise looks good.

The table view shows only the Link, Title, and Body fields. I would like to know how to get more field data such as: Dimensions, Lbs/UM, Product Line Description, Description, and Whse

Thanks for any help sending me in the correct direction.



Asked by: jantico
on July 27, 2012

1 Answer

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To learn more about views go here: http://nodeone.se/en/taming-the-beast-learn-views-with-nodeone

To deal with adding a view of product fields when viewing the display node, you need to make sure you have your relationship setup to your product (or the other way around) so that you have access to all of the fields necessary.

PS: Your links are broken?

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Sep 5, 2012