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Add Shoes Size to Cart and Order form?


thx a lot for the hard work. am working on my own shoes website and after adding so much shoes and variations, i realized just before going live there's no option for buyers to choose size.

i thought ok, i can just add a field with size and expose that with the add to cart or in line item when going for check out, but it turns i just can't get it right.

my scenario is:

product 1,2,3 variation, add to cart, i just want one field where buyers can just choose between size uk 1-9 and show that on order form or a free text where they can add it themself.

any idea or advises welcomed,

thanks in advance, please help

Asked by: cjeje
on July 26, 2012

2 Answers

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In your product type (ie shoes), add a select list field (size) with all available size options.

When you create products, each size of a product should be a unique SKU. You can use Commerce Bulk Product Creation to make this process faster. So rather than your product being "Air Jordans", you'll have 9 products – "Air Jordans size 1", "Air Jordans size 2", etc. The Bulk Product Creation module lets you use patterns to keep the names consistent.

Then when you create a product display (ie a node for "Air Jordans"), you'll add 9 products (SKUs) to the display which can be displayed in a select list in the add to cart form. Then if you run out of size 5 Air Jordans, you can disable that SKU only.

I found this concept a little confusing when moving from Ubercart to DC, but it is much better from the standpoint of managing your store, reports, inventory, etc.

Answer by: endcom
Posted: Jul 27, 2012
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thank you for your replies.

i tried this method but what i a bit not fond of, in the display page for the size part, the name of the product + size number is add which make it looks very bad.

i mean like this:

-product a title
-product title again with (sizes)
-add to cart

so anyway to get rid of: - product title again with(sizes) and keep it just as sizes selectable by the buyer?

thanks a lot in adavnce

Answer by: cjeje
Posted: Jul 31, 2012