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Radio Button Select rather than select list for Cart Form


I am looking to do the following on a product display page :

Main Product (Product Display)
Catagory one:
- Product option 1 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
- Product option 2 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
- Product option 3 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
Catagory 2
- Product option 4 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
- Product option 5 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
- Product option 6 $0.00 O {radiobutton}
- Product option 7 $0.00 O {radiobutton}

Add to cart

I want to list 10 products under a product display listed as a radio select input field.
Each category should be to be styles in a view.
But all products in product display must work on one radio button select
Is this possible ?


Asked by: linda
on July 20, 2012

1 Answer

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By default, when you have multiple products referenced by a product display, they'll appear on the product display node as select list.

You can choose what fields should act as a product attribute on the field settings of the product type (for example : size, color...).

If you select "Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms.", then you'll be able to choose if you want to display that attribute ad select list or radio buttons.

Hope this help !

Augustin Delaporte
Posted: Aug 14, 2012


That answer is just what I needed...but...some of my product displays reference multiple products while others only reference one. If you only have one reference, no radio buttons (or drop down) appear. If I have one product that references "blue", "red", and "black", all those appear and a choice can be made. But if I only reference "black" on one product display, there is nothing to indicate the color. The radio button (or drop down) disappears!

How would I change that to always show an option, even if it is just one?

- ericwenger on October 31, 2012

I thought I dug enough before posting here, but here's the answer:

Drupal Commerce 1.5+ includes this feature now (I was running 1.4). And DC 1.5+ requires Drupal 1.15+ (I was still on 1.14 so didn't see the DC 1.5 update).

In the product display, go to the field display settings, hit the gear icon for the "add to cart form", then put a check beside "Show attribute widgets even if the Add to Cart form only represents one product".

Simple (once you find the answer)!

- ericwenger on October 31, 2012