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Google Adwords Conversion Beacon

I posted this in the discussion forum, but then saw a link to post things here, so I'm cross-posting (sorry).

I'm trying to add the adwords conversion beacon to a site. The idea is that you pass the value of the conversion into the javascript beacon and it then transmits the conversion to Google to match back against adwords.

I've tried using the Completion Message to add custom code, however, the system doesn't seem to allow me to pass the token into PHP and process it (it throws a PHP error if I try).

The "amount" is stored in thousands, so the $80.36 order looks like this: $8,036.0000. And so, of course, thats useless to Google.

I've tried to run javascripts against the token, but that fails as well. I guess that it isn't really firing off the JS as I would expect. To be clear, even putting a simple alert("hello") doesn't fire when an order is processed - even though it's in the page source. Ergo, it certainly won't call the JS beacon for Google.

So, what's the best practice for adding this into a site?

Asked by: denvermatt
on July 17, 2012

1 Answer