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Print customer profile labels on Review page

Hi All,

I'm new to Commerce so apologies if there is a simple solution to this problem.

I am using the AddressField Dynamic Address Form for both my Billing Information and Shipping Information Customer Profiles.

I can see the inputed data from these fields on the Review page but I can't see the individual labels. I would like to print the labels ie.e Name, Country, Address 1 etc. on the Review page.

Does anyone know how I should go about this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: barbararyanmedia
on July 17, 2012

1 Answer

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The fact that you are "new" to drupal commerce is what makes this a difficult problem. It's possible to make this happen if you know how to use hook_form_alter() in a custom module. Likely, if that was in your arsenal, you wouldn't need to ask here. There's isn't an option for this, but a feature request here might be in order to get some action on this:


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Sep 5, 2012