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Product Translations - Multilingual Drupal Commerce Stores


I'm developing an online store based on Drupal Commerce and i'd need some good advices about how to translate the products. I need to translate the product titles (which are the names of the products) and a few product's fields. I also need to translate the options of a field in the product, which is a "List (text)" field.

I've tried to read everything i could find about translation and Drupal multilingual sites but i still have many doubts about how to make this work. After reading all of this, I think that to get a multilingual online store with 2 languages, I'd need:

- "Locale" module from the Drupal core.
- "Entity Translation" module to make entities translatable.
- "Title" module to convert product titles to real fields and make them translatable.
- "Field translation" submodule from the "i18n" module to translate the options of the "List (text)" product field.

Does it seems like the right choices to do the work or is there a better aproach to get things done?. Besides that, will this work seamlessly with the shopping cart view, the order view, and so on?. Any other advice to make this work?

Many thanks in advance.

Asked by: GoddamnNoise
on July 3, 2012

1 Answer