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How do I create custom shipping using a per-product field?

I want the shipping costs per item to be added manually when the user creates the product

product 1 : shipping cost 5 euro
product 2: shipping cost 19 euro
product 3: shipping cost 3 euro

if the buyer selects more than 1 products the costs will be simply added together

I have created a field shipping cost for the products
Im having trouble setting up the rule for this
any suggestions?

Asked by: delta_next
on June 29, 2012

1 Answer

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First, I would recommend you create the field per-product, not per-node. Next, you would need to make the shipping module would use the shipping field's value for your shipping costs.

I say it in that way because that's the end result we're after, but I'm not familiar enough with the shipping module to offer much help beyond that. It's possible there is a hook_ function that would help you intervene and apply the product's own shipping value. It's also possible you could do this in a rule, but it wouldn't be that simple.

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jul 6, 2012