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Basic page on front page shows "0 Comments". How to hide this?

I enabled the "frontpage view" and made this my front page. Then I created a basic page on a relatively pristine system. Made it sticky and published to front page. Comments are turned off (it is a basic page and should not have comments anyway). And yet it shows "0 Comments" right next to "Read More".

How can I get rid of this?

Tim Jackowski
Asked by: Tim Jackowski
on May 13, 2015

1 Answer

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I don't think you will get a "more" if you created a "basic page" from scratch and promoted it to the front page.
Now, to get rid of the "Comments you need to, in Admin mode go from "view" back into "Edit" again,
Then Click on "Comment settings Open" and check the radio button "Closed" "Save" in the manner you did for "Publishing" And that will get rid of the problematic "Comments" box.

Anything other settings in that block you want to change, if you are keeping this item, that you have modules active for you can either modify or modify the default settings.

For the other problem, it sounds to me you are promoting a content node to a page, and content nodes have a "teaser" setting that you can set to display by defaults so many words before it will, if you don't have teaser text in it already, chop off your words and insert the "more". An example of a content node that behaves this way is a blog post node.

"Basic Pages" do not have s teaser setting, because by default, these nodes are to be displayed as if they are pages.

I hope that helps with both questions.

Answer by: Shootersolutions
Posted: May 29, 2015