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Help on Gallery store


I'm trying to build a gallery store for a friend. What we want to do is build a gallery where the costumers enter to view the paintings and on each painting node can buy 4-5 products relacted directly to the painting (they can buy the original painting, a printing of the painting on a t-shirt or on a poster or on canvas). I created four product types: original, t-shirt, poster and canvas than i created a product display that reference this products. When i create a product display node i choose the products that i want to sell. The problem with this is:

1 - I would like to list all products not on a list menu
2 - The price only appears from one product
3 - When the customer adds a product i don't have any reference to the product node so i don't know witch painting it's to sell.

Does anyone can point me the right direction to start ?

I tryed to explain as better as i can if it's confusing please ask questions.
Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks for the help,


Asked by: Afonso Lopes
on April 7, 2015

1 Answer

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I created 2 product type and multiple products in this 2 product type. Than I created one product display and created a reference product field. Than I created one with varius products from this 2 types of products. That disn't work because some attributs doesn't appear and other are persistent. Is it possible to reference multiple products from varius product type on one product display ?



Answer by: Afonso Lopes
Posted: Apr 9, 2015