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Order history not working, also can't update the Commerce Kickstart..?!

I”m having multiple problems with my install of Drupal Commerce (Commerce Kickstart version 7.x-1.24).

• For one, it won’t update!, the error i get is commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.34-core.tar.gz does not contain any .info files.

So, should i try doing a manual update? and replacing the files in the profiles folder?

• More importantly, the user is not able to see their order history and other relevant account / order pages. for example for this URL,


page reads “You have not placed any orders with us yet.”

the site was hacked a few months back. possibly this is what is causing this error. i did not originally build this site so i’m not even sure if the order pages were working ever.

Asked by: toptomato
on March 25, 2015

1 Answer

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Hmm.. I seem to have the same problem, although I probably have different reasons as to why it occurred.

If anyone could shine some light on the functionality of Order History, it would be greatly appreciated!

It is my hope to create some methods of maintaining commerce statistics in situations where customer profiles are not matched to user profiles.

Emmanuel Buckshi
Answer by: Emmanuel Buckshi
Posted: Jun 10, 2015