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compatible version information of modules

It sure would help to know what versions of developer module releases are compatible with what versions of Drupal Commerce, Kickstart and Drupal Core.

I am looking at interesting modules for Commerce, but I am reluctant to install. The latest release may be over a year old and there have been several releases of Commerce and Core since such time.

Wordpress does a great job of telling you whether a plugin is compatible with the latest version of the WP core.
This makes it easy to "forget about it" or proceed.

Maybe there is something like this now.. I haven't found.

Asked by: domineaux
on March 5, 2015

1 Answer

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I agree! I too would love to know what works and don't work, what's worth installing and what's not, and compatibility and security issues importantly as well.

Just when I think I'll have my site up and running ... some module dies, needs to be updated, or some sort of mystery errors that can't seem to be fixed =\... SIGH

Answer by: Kebz Kon
Posted: Mar 7, 2015