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Searching by variation SKU shows 0 results?

Hi, I am working on the website http://www.absoe.com.au and am running into trouble with the Search feature. We're using the standard Drupal search module (And have also attempted to use Commerce Search) and if searching for variations SKU it will not find any results.

For example, the product http://absoe.com.au/product/2400-w-x-1200-h-slatwall-panels has three variations that have three SKUs. The 'default' variation, Black, can be found in Search results by its SKU but the other two variations will not appear in search results.

How can we get the variations to show up in search results?

Asked by: Mat Stares
on February 18, 2015

1 Answer

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I am new to Drupal but know that *some* search feature do not work unless it has had time to run cron.

There is a small chance this could be the issue. Maybe.

To eliminate the chance that it could be that, have you tried running: Configuration -> Cron -> Run Cron?

Answer by: JohnnieWalker
Posted: Jun 28, 2015