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Free shipping for consumers, but charge shipping for 'Vendors'

Hello all!

Searched, but can't find what/where I need to make this happen. Since my product at a retail price includes shipping via USPS, but the wholesale price for vendors does not. Is it possible for me to set-up free shipping for consumers & allow for my vendors to enter their own UPS/FedEx account number to pay for shipping? If anyone can advise where I can find this information I would greatly appreciate it! My web developer sent me down this rabbit hole b/c I'm a logistics guy, but not so much on the web developing side.

Many thanks in advance for your help!!
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Asked by: jeez42
on June 13, 2012

1 Answer

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Hi Mike -

I assume you have the Shipping module and the UPS shipping module installed. I also assume you have a field that identifies whether a user is a vendor or not.

The easiest solution is this:
- Add your UPS (and then FedEx) method - which should create a Shipping rule
- In the Conditions of the Rule, add a condition that the user has to be a Vendor
- This will make the UPS method only display for vendors
- To really make sure your bases are covered, add a shipping rate that is $0 (free), and add the condition that your user is not a vendor.

This is of course a simplified answer - you'll want to check out:
- The Shipping video tutorial - http://vimeo.com/32535912
- The Product Pricing using Taxnomy screencast and discussion - this will help you with accessing the proper fields which will allow you to test does user = vendor or not.

Answer by: smokinggoat
Posted: Jun 14, 2012