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Problem with product and views / rule auto create node.

Hi all!

Here's a problem I have and i hope that you will be able to help / advise on because it represents a big problem for me.

Here I have product sheets with fields (normal) but my concern being whether he should put these products in the fields or in the nodes, because Ca 2 knots edit made ​​to a single product.

Yes! because the fields that are present in the type of product are not usable in the views that I present to my users (that's normal in my opinion also ca products and nodes are distinct entities).

Actuelement I have a rule that I created my node to create a product shop.

what I want is to know if I can create a rule that parses the fields filled to fill in my content type.

Or what solutions are offered to me to be only one form to fill because it is too tedious and creates products and nodes to display its products.

My main problem being the fields that are invisible to the views

Asked by: woprrr
on June 11, 2012


Just to make sure I understand the issue here - you have added fields to your product display node that don't make sense to be on the product itself (which I would do, too, in instances where I need the same field to show for any product on an Add to Cart form), but you want your product pricing rules to be able to alter the price of a product based on these fields from the node?

- Ryan Szrama on June 11, 2012

I think you're right! My main problem was the fact that I refuse to want to spend my fields in the product in an attempt to create a single step to create a product in my shop. This test was aborted, because I wanted to find a way to analyze the fields of my types of products to fill my content type that has the same fields using a ruler.

But my question remains the same by cons, because trade in this action already exists! can retrieve the title / sku / autor create a product to fill field title / autor / product reference to a content type.

You can do this for any field? whether rules or with a custom module?

- woprrr on June 12, 2012

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I can not change the price was based on a field, but what I want to do is analyze the contents of my trade fields and write in my node.

Maybe you're right! and I even agree that the type information "author of a film etc. ..." have nothing to do on the product but even I find it really inconvenient to have to create two display that is to say

1: Creates the product

2: Create the display

It has revien fill 2 forms to add a single product!

I am totally open to any other way to do it.

So I have to really put my product in the SKU / TITLE / PRICE / STOCK and my most accurate information in the node type?

Answer by: woprrr
Posted: Jun 11, 2012